Design Library

Explore these Turkel Design projects, a curated selection of design starting points. Work with us to customize one to fit your land and lifestyle using our systematized design process.


Committed to understated luxury, residential architects at Turkel Design have curated a collection of starting points for your next custom home design. 

Across our portfolio, you’ll discover designs for a variety of climates and site types. Whether you choose to live in the Desert Southwest or Ontario cottage country, your new home can benefit from balanced natural light, passive cooling and heating strategies, and the warmth of natural, regionally appropriate materials like wood and stone. You’ll find starting points for a range of property sizes, from expansive rural properties to more modest suburban and urban lots. 

Prefabricated does not mean predetermined. Our architects will guide you through the luxury of our systematized design process, custom designing your home and ensuring that it fits your land, your lifestyle, and your sensibilities. We use the precision of off-site prefabrication to deliver your custom home project at a predictable cost, timeline, and standard of quality. Furthermore, our panelized, componentized prefabrication method allows for a level of design flexibility that modular home designs cannot. Explore the library above and find the design that inspires you.  

Let’s discuss how you want to live.