How we design a custom home for you

Have you ever wondered where architects get their ideas?  

Many of our ideas come in response to factors you present to us—things like the nature of your site, your budget, and the way you want to live. It’s in addressing those conditions that allows us to do our creative thinking for you. So, how are we thinking differently about modern prefab home design?


We want you to be inspired by your home. It should bring you joy and give you hope as you go about your days. Maybe it’s how the patterns of shadow and light pass across a wall just a little differently each day of the year, or maybe it’s how each of your kitchen utensils has its own designated place in your custom-designed drawers, or maybe it’s the breathtaking view you get through your bedroom window when you wake up every morning. Whatever it is that will bring that smile to your face, or that sense of peace to your heart, we can help you identify it and design for it. Your home should give you a place not just to live, but to think and dream.  We’d like to give you such a house, and we know how to do it.


Your house absolutely must give you all the spaces you need and arrange them so you can live the way you want to. But we think a house should do much more. We think that the spaces in your house should be adaptable, able to function in more than one way. That the area devoted to circulation should be kept to a minimum. That storage should be built into the house (and made beautiful) to keep all the “stuff” in your life organized.


We build homes that stand the test of time. And that means your home should be designed to address the climate, weather and geography of its region, for a lifetime. This means thinking about construction methods, appropriate materials, and maintenance. Thinking practically also means conforming to regulations. And it means giving consideration to the environment and energy use: being practical also means being responsible.

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Photography: Revelateur Studio, Chase Daniel