Mulmur Hills Farm

Mulmur Hills Farm
East Mulmur, Ontario

House of the Month, December 2022 - Architectural Record magazine

Relying on locally sourced wood, concrete, stone, and blackened steel accents, the multi-generational home honors the site’s agricultural heritage while enhancing the family’s modern lifestyle. Innovative materials such as cross-laminated timber reduce waste and promote sustainability. The communal living spaces are refined and rustic, simple and open, and overlook agrarian buildings, pasture, a pond, and the nearby pine forest to bring nature into everyday living and holiday gatherings.

Mulmur Hills Farm-1 Mulmur Hills Farm-2 Mulmur Hills Farm-3 Mulmur Hills Farm-4 Mulmur Hills Farm-5 Mulmur Hills Farm-6 Mulmur Hills Farm-7 Mulmur Hills Farm-8 Mulmur Hills Farm-9 Mulmur Hills Farm-10 Mulmur Hills Farm-11 Mulmur Hills Farm-12 Mulmur Hills Farm-13

Project details

bedrooms: 2

bathrooms: 3

sq ft: 4300

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