Land with fir trees next to a body of water

Identifying how you want to live is a process—we can help.

Whether we design a fully custom home or adapt a selection from our  Design Library, your home needs to suit your land. We begin with a 3D digital model of the site and its surroundings, including representations of topography, neighboring buildings, views, and solar orientation, as well as regulatory restrictions such as setbacks and maximum building heights. This is the canvas upon which we design your home, while helping you visualize it at every step.  

We meet you at your site, wherever it may be, to analyze its unique characteristics and to learn what you love about it. With these details  in mind, we work with you to develop a program for the home you are imagining by identifying the types of spaces you would like (e.g., number of bedrooms and bathrooms, home office, media room, etc.) and how you hope to use them.  

If you are having difficulty selecting the right property, or are debating between more than one option, let’s begin by discussing your goals. Issues like geological and seismic concerns, flood plains, easements, and zoning make buying raw land quite different from buying a house on a developed lot. We are happy to talk with you about the factors that might be most pertinent in your region.  

An architect and client visit the client's undeveloped land