How to choose a building site

You’ve made the decision to build a home – congratulations, that’s a big step. But now what?

Well, first you need to find the right place for you.

What makes a great site? The answer to this is different for everyone. Most important is finding a site that you love. So, as you look for that perfect spot, one that speaks to you, what are some considerations to keep in mind?

Your region

First up is the region you’re building in, especially its climate. If you’re building in the desert, you might want a lot of shaded outdoor space. If you’re in ski country, maybe not so much. If you’re next to the ocean, tides and storms will be a concern. We’ve adapted our panelized prefab homes to all of these conditions and more—from Alaska to the Bahamas.  

Site conditions

For every property where a home might be built, there are specific site conditions that must be considered. In which directions are the best views? From which directions might you want privacy? How will the sun come into your house? The sun is high in the sky in summer and lower to the horizon in winter: you’ll want to consider that. We have a whole kit of tools to help you visualize these conditions, and we can talk you through them as we collaborate on shared computer screens.


One factor you might not have considered is the regulatory environment of your site. At a very minimum, there will be a building code that sets a standard about the soundness and safety of your house. There will often be a zoning code, which will say how big a house you can build and how tall it can be—and how far it must be set back from the road and from neighbors. To an increasing extent, homes are also now subject to environmental regulations, covering everything from proximity to wetlands, to how big your windows can be.

We’ve got you

But not to worry: We have dealt with all of these regulations and more. We have tools that will help you visualize how these restrictions affect the design of your house. And perhaps more important, we’ll use these same tools to help your local regulators see how our designs conform both to the spirit and the letter of the laws.

Want to know more about how we can help you understand and build on your site?

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