Things To Look for When Hiring High-End Home Architects

Modern home at dawn with a double-height great room, lit from within, on a green lawn

“There’s a first time for everything” is the phrase that guides us through life’s uncertain adventures and exciting opportunities. It can help us finally launch that startup, navigate unforeseen twists and turns, or even take the leap and join that pickleball league you’ve had your eye on all these years.

But while everything has a first time, not everything has a second, fifth, or tenth. When partnering with a professional on the design of your own home, you should be certain that the architectural firm you choose will get it right on the first try. To help you make this important decision, we’ve identified some things to look for when hiring high-end home architects.

A Tradition of Excellence

Design firms should have an established record of success in designing custom homes that are built at a high level of quality. Look for a portfolio of work that inspires you.

As a client, you should be able to benefit from a designer’s vision without losing sight of your own. Your architect should have a body of work that not only generates awards and acclaim but also speaks to your own aesthetic sensibilities. If you’ve envisioned an understated modern home design, an architect who specializes in ornate Victorians or neo-rustic farmhouses may not be the ideal partner for your project. View our full portfolio of singular designs here.

Clear and Transparent Communication

The partnership of designing a custom luxury home requires consistent, clear communication between an architecture firm and its clients. This level of transparency doesn’t happen by accident; it needs to be intentional, a core value of the firm.

Through clear, honest communication, architects and designers should be able to guide their clients to effective solutions. Client references and testimonials are an effective way to better understand a firm’s communication style before you hire them. At Turkel Design, we assign you a dedicated team led by a Project Architect who will listen to your goals while being clear about the effect of your choices on your overall project timeline and budget. Hear what clients have to say about their experience working with us.

A Commitment to Sustainable Materials

It’s not just creativity that goes into a custom home—high-quality materials are necessary to make that creative vision a lasting reality. Strongly consider firms that emphasize natural, high-quality, sustainable alternatives to standard building products.

As you compare prospective architects’ portfolios, seek the aesthetic qualities that characterize natural materials or stone over low-quality substitutes. Not only do these materials have a lower environmental impact than their artificial counterparts, they’re also more durable—and more beautiful. Sustainable and durable materials keep your home in harmony with its surroundings while avoiding the high levels of energy expended when needing to replace low-quality synthetic building products.

Taking Your Surroundings Into Account

The ability to design a home that’s in harmony with its surroundings is expertise you should look for when hiring high-end home architects. Refer to the firms’ portfolio and assess whether they take location into consideration for each project. The best designers create custom homes that make the most of their location—truly designing from the ground up.

At Turkel Design, every project begins with a visit to your building site. We create a 3D digital model of your site and its surroundings, including representations of topography, neighboring buildings, views, and solar orientation. This is the canvas upon which we design your home.

This may be your first time designing and building a custom home, but it isn’t ours. We combine inspired architecture with a systematized process that reduces risk—the home that’s ultimately built on your land is the home you want and expect. We can help you build your dream home with a unique panelized prefabrication process that involves design expertise, high-quality materials, and your vision for how you want to live. Explore our portfolio and design library to get started.