SoHo Loft

SoHo Loft
New York City

A large warehouse conversion is fitted with Turkel Design custom cabinetry. The modern casework’s warm tones and sleek lines bring product innovation and modern design together with attention to detail in the crafting. They bound the perimeter and open up rooms to allow light deep into the space and provide subtle enhancements to elevate everyday living.

SoHo Loft-1 SoHo Loft-2 SoHo Loft-3 SoHo Loft-4 SoHo Loft-5 SoHo Loft-6 SoHo Loft-7 SoHo Loft-8 SoHo Loft-9

Inspired by this design? We can modify it or create a fully custom home for you, then deliver the precision-fabricated building package wherever you wish to call home.

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