Delivery and Assembly

Our materials are premium, selected with an eye toward sustainability, and fabricated with a high level of precision to ensure a tight assembly. When your foundation is ready, we deliver your building components – flat-packed for efficient shipping.

For access to remote sites, we divide shipments into smaller packages. Because the shell is erected in large sections and the structural components are pre-cut, assembly can occur at any time of year, making our method ideal for short building seasons and to minimize noise disturbance for neighbors. The precision of our building component package eliminates variables during construction, to ensure your finished home is what you envisioned.

Builder Coordination
Before construction begins, we work with your local general contractor to ensure that they are comfortable with our design documentation, specifications, details, and assembly process. We coordinate with them regarding the material deliveries and installation throughout construction.

Site Prep
Preparing the site for assembly (excavation, grading, foundation construction, etc.) occurs in parallel with the fabrication of our building component package.

Delivery and Assembly
With the foundation built to our specifications, our flat-packed structural package is delivered. The floor, exterior and interior walls, beams, and roof are assembled by a local contractor.

Trade Integration and Finishing
The open wall panels in our structural package are ready for local trades such as electrical, plumbing, and mechanical. These critical services can therefore be inspected by the building department. Material finishes such as flooring, cladding, ceiling liner, and custom built-ins that we provide can then be installed. Finally, comes the finishing: tile work, painting, landscaping, and best of all, moving in.